Lord Neil Gibson recently traveled to Kenya and visited Nairobi seeking ways to aid in humanitarian efforts. He met with the United Nations and arraigned for supply’s from Dubai for the nation. He has been working for 3

years with the United Nations delivering all different sorts of aid. The types of aid delivered has been diverse, ranging from housing to mosquito nets. He has recently been delivering powdered milk to Kenya and Tanzania and Zambia.

Lord Neil Gibson is an international business man with interests all over the world.  He has spearheaded projects that have helped to uplift localized populations at the same time as generating profits for investors in countless countries.  While he previously held residence in Las Vegas and in the UK, he has recently moved operations to Dubai.  This move is strategic in nature, bringing him personally closer to the greatest natural asset of the country, that asset being investment capital.  Dubai has one of the world's largest concentrations of wealthy individuals who are seeking entrepreneurial endeavors to invest in.  Within the world of Dubai, one can find many organizations and individuals with cash to invest, yet no idea where to find legitimate businesses and projects to invest in.  This is where Lord Gibson shines, bringing together those with ideas and those with investment capital. Lord Neil Gibson's projects generally take the same kind of course, starting as an idea of how

to uplift an underserved population of people using some natural resource or manufacturing process to do so.  He identifies the options that are available within that area, then analyzes why that idea has not been previously explored.  This process will usually unveil some form of issue that has slowed progress, and Gibson then goes to work formulating a plan to solve that issue.  If there is a lack of infrastructure in an area that is stalling potential production of a natural resource for export, Gibson's plans will include the development of that infrastructure.  If a company is facing an inability to grow and expand due to a lack of funding, Gibson secures investors interested in that form of business.  He develops an inclusive plan and then presents that plan to potential partners and government officials.  Working toward eventual cooperation on all parties parts, with the eventual outcome being profitability for the company and local governments as well as employment opportunities…

Lord Neil Gibson is no stranger to fake media.  Only recently has the issue of fake news and fake media been brought into the national spotlight, with Donald Trump bringing up the topic in nearly every speech he makes.  In Trump's case, he is referring to the tendency of the television and magazine outlets taking actual stories and presenting them in a way that slants the bias one way or another, generally in favor of the tone of the network or outlet.  If a network is generally anti-Trump, they will present almost any news about him in a way that will make people believe that he is doing poorly.  Although they use truthful elements instead of outright lies in order to slant their stories one way or another, the term "fake news" has been used to convey the fact that the issues are not being presented without bias.  Trump has done a good job at bringing this issue to light

with regards to television and newspapers, but has not yet brought up possibly the biggest platform for fake news on the planet, that platform being the internet.  Fake news can be used to harm and slander public figures and private business people online, as the example of Lord Neil Gibson illustrates. Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson was attacked by a business rival years ago in order to defame his reputation and make it difficult for him to secure relationships which are the lifesblood of his business  The attacker understood that by limiting Gibson's ability to secure relationships, it would limit his ability to successfully complete development projects.  In order to achieve this goal, the strategy used was to create several websites dedicated to Gibson and his businesses and populate them with publicly available information, thus establishing a level of trust by search engines.  Once this task was completed, the attacker began creating completely fabricated stories and posting them within the same…

Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson proudly announces the signed partnership agreement with Ali Cloud Investment LLC http://alicloudinvestment.com/.  Ali Cloud Investment is an independently operating and managed global investment firm with locations in India and Dubai.  The firm specializes in real estate management, global renewable energy and resource development and technological seed funding and incubation.  While the primary directive of the firm is private equity investment and project financing, strategic management involvement for projects is also available, and

is viewed as one of the most important assets to be drawn upon to insure success.  The partnership of Lord Gibson and his associated companies and Ali Cloud Investment will provide a roadmap to success for target projects worldwide.  The combination of intellectual property, access to adequate capital reserves for funding, creative and alternative financing strategies and experience will create a project finding model that will become the standard in the future.

Dubai is a country of great wealth, and a man who has made his mark by targeting the natural resources of underdeveloped areas for the last 20 years has now targeted Dubai, and it's greatest natural resource of capital.  Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson started his career in Africa, utilizing his talents in a purely philanthropic effort to uplift underdeveloped communities by providing unique solutions to basic needs.  Gibson realized that shipping containers were essentially worthless after they had been used for a certain length of time, and could be purchased for pennies on the dollar.  These containers are completely modular, and are able to be moved with relative ease.  While they might not be suitable for their primary function any more, they provide adequate shelter for people to live in, and could be used for this purpose in order to allow workers to be housed near sites that are relatively remote but have potential for exploiting a natural resource.  This

allowed Gibson to explore the possibilities of harvesting exportable goods from areas that were previously considered unmanageable, and allowed him to move a population of workers to the site itself.  The innovative use of shipping containers in this capacity made the ability to create an entire industry where there was none before. Gibson has always innovated in order to accomplish goals that others could not figure out.  This is generally in a philanthropic capacity, but once again innovation lead him to experiment with alternative business models that would potentially increase the capacities to help those without hope.  He developed a means of combining the philanthropic efforts that were generally lacking due to a difficulty finding interested parties, and instead created a model that also provides profits for partners.  Through a model that allows for profit-motivation, Gibson finds far more interested parties to draw upon in the capacities that are needed.  People are far more willing to participate if there is…

Lord Neil Gibson announces the securing of services from the globally recognized seo company Focus Internet Services. Gibson has had an issue for several years with false information about his business and personal life being leaked online through websites created for the specific purpose of slandering him.  This was done several years ago by a business rival who realized that Gibson relies on his reputation to secure new business contacts, and these potential contacts use the internet to research him.  By creating doubt in their minds as to the reputation Gibson has, the ability to do business is hindered.  The attack used several websites designed to look like Gibson news to establish authority and then leak completely false information.  These false stories were indexed by search engines, creating a situation

where research turned up negative elements and created doubt.  Gibson has hired Focus Internet Services to create a series of websites specifically for the purpose of distributing truthful content about his businesses and business practices, all with the purpose of informing those researching him and presenting a truthful account. Focus Internet Services is globally recognized as one of the best SEO companies in the world.  They have more than ten years experience creating higher rankings for businesses in many different countries, and are tasked with using this skill set to distribute news and information on Gibson that is both truthful and will also be highly indexed on Google.  Lord Gibson is confident that Focus can accomplish these tasks, and looks forward to a future when his reputation is accurately represented.

When you encounter someone with the word “Lord” in front of their name, you probably don’t immediately assume them to be a great humanitarian. Indeed, your first thought might be that the person is some stuffy aristocrat, or a pompous royal figure. What you should know about Lord Neil Gibson from the very get-go is that neither of these things apply to him; actually, he earned his title simply through a land purchase, not because he was born into royalty or because he serves in Parliament. He is not some stuffy or stuck-up social climber, either; no, his priorities lie in far more important areas than that. In fact, Lord Neil Gibson is someone who is known, first and foremost, for his work helping those in need. Consider, if you will, just a few points from his resume: For a couple of years, Lord Neil Gibson served as the Ambassador at Large in West Africa, where he enacted a rather ingenious plan

to bring relief items to those who needed them most. This came about both through his own savvy sense of diplomacy and his problem-solving skills—as well as a keen partnership with Firestone Tire Company! Lord Neil Gibson has also done much to help in the ongoing efforts to rebuild Iraq; specifically, he is involved in endeavors to rebuild the economy and to build new hospitals. Lord Neil Gibson has done much work to bring funds and relief efforts to the still-struggling New Orleans. He is currently working alongside government officials in Belize to bring an important new trade road there. He has helped the struggling nation of Lesotho to rebuild its economy. In those bullet points we see not the entirety of Lord Neil Gibson’s career, but certainly the important character traits that make him who he is—namely, an ability to form key alliances, and a resolution to help those in need, no matter what part of the…

Like many other sports fans, Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson is interested in professional boxing; however, he is interested in it on a deeper level than other fans may even realize exists. You see, professional boxing is not just a sport that provides entertainment for its fans—it is an economic tool that South Africa can use to grow its economy and get into the international sporting arena. Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson has teamed up with the government of South Africa to stimulate the growth of professional boxing in the country. To do so, he has created Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson LLC, which is a company that promotes and manages boxing events with South Africa while seeking to expand the professional boxing market and the careers of the up and coming boxers within the country. South Africa has shown out some very talented athletes in this arena, including Gerrie Coetzee, Baby Jake, Dingaan Thombela, and Francois Botha. The potential of the talent coming

out of this country is indeed very high, and Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson is working to ensure that he can do everything in his power to give these athletes a chance to make it on the international stage. The success of the 2010 World Cup shows that South Africa has developed its economy and infrastructure to the point where it can shoulder the weight of large-scale athletic events—Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson is simply guiding the boxing industry in the right direction. The mission of LNBG LLC is threefold: To promote and manage a variety of professional boxing events. To produce entertainment related to the sport, particularly television shows. To encourage and facilitate amateur boxing in an effort to grow the talent pool and expand South Africa’s presence in the international boxing arena. Lord Neil B. Gibson is certainly taking a new angle on the sport, and his ability to successfully manage a variety of events and clients ensures that…

Las Vegas may seem frozen in time, what with one would-be Strip resort — Echelon — showing only as a barely started steel skeleton and another — Fontainebleau — a towering, empty building. Las Vegas’ construction gusto has been suppressed by the recession; the biggest developments in town are two large observation wheels. But once either of those is completed, a passenger high above the Strip may well look down on the

construction of a sports and entertainment palace of one sort or another. It may be a sports arena downtown, next to the Smith Center for the Performing Arts. It may be an arena rising alongside the Strip behind Harrah’s and Imperial Palace, next to the observation wheel known as the Linq. It could well be a 50,000-seat, enclosed stadium at UNLV. Or it could be an arena on the south end of the valley, in .

ABOUT MR. GIBSON With a diverse set of accomplishments, Lord Neil B. Gibson is currently the acting chairman of a group of companies, which consist of a diverse conglomerate of domestic and international business entities. Born in 1963 and following in his father’s footsteps as an investment banker, Neil Benjamin Gibson learned by his father’s example while studying in Yorkshire, England and was able to see his father as an accomplished community leader; which became a true passion for Gibson. He quickly discovered that the many facets of the banking and the financial industry contain the components needed to offer financial solutions for underdeveloped communities in many nations. Such underdeveloped, nations are often overlooked by the majority of the “financial giants” who currently exist. Project Lesotho, is one of Mr. Gibson’s endeavors which he holds very dear to his heart, which included his team of private entity partners with the sole commitment of enhancing the Kingdom of Lesotho, situated in South

Africa. With a group effort, the impact and goal was intended enhance Lesotho’s transportation, utilize the natural resources of the region and elevate the standard of living. Project Lesotho and the vision created the blueprint, which allowed Mr. Gibson to carry the vision for his work in Belize. In 1998, Mr. Gibson was commissioned into the diplomatic corps and fought against the insurgence in West Africa. Finally after two years of pursuing the unattainable, stability was accomplished. Many leaders of the different countries honored Mr. Gibson and granted him full diplomatic status and he resigned his post to the United Kingdom. After working with the Commonwealth diplomatic corps, Lord Gibson returned to England and has regained control of his family trust. He managed and operated the family business, while in England and was given the title Lord of the manor of Wheldrake and Warter Priory. Lord Gibson continues to carry on his family tradition of philanthropic community services to…