Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson Takes On Dubai

Dubai is a country of great wealth, and a man who has made his mark by targeting the natural resources of underdeveloped areas for the last 20 years has now targeted Dubai, and it’s greatest natural resource of capital.  Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson started his career in Africa, utilizing his talents in a purely philanthropic effort to uplift underdeveloped communities by providing unique solutions to basic needs.  Gibson realized that shipping containers were essentially worthless after they had been used for a certain length of time, and could be purchased for pennies on the dollar.  These containers are completely modular, and are able to be moved with relative ease.  While they might not be suitable for their primary function any more, they provide adequate shelter for people to live in, and could be used for this purpose in order to allow workers to be housed near sites that are relatively remote but have potential for exploiting a natural resource.  This allowed Gibson to explore the possibilities of harvesting exportable goods from areas that were previously considered unmanageable, and allowed him to move a population of workers to the site itself.  The innovative use of shipping containers in this capacity made the ability to create an entire industry where there was none before.

Gibson has always innovated in order to accomplish goals that others could not figure out.  This is generally in a philanthropic capacity, but once again innovation lead him to experiment with alternative business models that would potentially increase the capacities to help those without hope.  He developed a means of combining the philanthropic efforts that were generally lacking due to a difficulty finding interested parties, and instead created a model that also provides profits for partners.  Through a model that allows for profit-motivation, Gibson finds far more interested parties to draw upon in the capacities that are needed.  People are far more willing to participate if there is something in it for them, and if you can utilize this motivation to also uplift communities then you have a far better chance of success.

Lord Gibson has begun opening offices in Dubai that will work in the capacity of leveraging capital and experience to provide the backbone for projects that are difficult to secure funding.  Many development projects in the Middle East fall upon difficulties due to a lack of access to investment, or a lack of access to companies that can provide the services that are required.  Gibson’s companies specialize in creating the networks of investors and interested parties that can be matched with the projects that need them, ultimately allowing for the profit-fueled philanthropy that has defined his career.  Dubai has a natural resource that can be tapped for these projects, that resource being money itself.  Many investors in the area desire to become involved with projects that will put their money to work for good while still generating profits for them, so Gibson understood that his company must be on the ground in Dubai to draw upon that resource effectively.  The future is bright in Dubai, and Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson is part of it.

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