Lord Gibson Hires Globally Recognized SEO Company

Lord Neil Gibson announces the securing of services from the globally recognized seo company Focus Internet Services. Gibson has had an issue for several years with false information about his business and personal life being leaked online through websites created for the specific purpose of slandering him.  This was done several years ago by a business rival who realized that Gibson relies on his reputation to secure new business contacts, and these potential contacts use the internet to research him.  By creating doubt in their minds as to the reputation Gibson has, the ability to do business is hindered.  The attack used several websites designed to look like Gibson news to establish authority and then leak completely false information.  These false stories were indexed by search engines, creating a situation where research turned up negative elements and created doubt.  Gibson has hired Focus Internet Services to create a series of websites specifically for the purpose of distributing truthful content about his businesses and business practices, all with the purpose of informing those researching him and presenting a truthful account.

Focus Internet Services is globally recognized as one of the best SEO companies in the world.  They have more than ten years experience creating higher rankings for businesses in many different countries, and are tasked with using this skill set to distribute news and information on Gibson that is both truthful and will also be highly indexed on Google.  Lord Gibson is confident that Focus can accomplish these tasks, and looks forward to a future when his reputation is accurately represented.

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